Tree of Intuition ~ Pock Ironwood (Fine Ironwood)

Tree of Intuition ~ Pock Ironwood

The pock ironwood essence may enhance receptivity and intuition, and may bring focus, clarity and perspective. This essence may assist us with seeing the “bigger picture” and with gaining a new perspective of the status quo. The pock ironwood may aid in connecting with your inner wisdom and with opening the crown chakra so that the third eye is illuminated with cosmic consciousness.

This essence enlightens the third eye chakra.

Affirmation: My inner sight is illuminated by Divine wisdom. I see through the lens of Love and Light.

Corresponding Colour: Indigo

Supportive Essences: The wild peach essence may act as a supportive essence to the pock ironwood – particularly if the pock ironwood essence is being used to address a long-standing imbalance and an “awareness crisis” has arisen. An awareness crisis is an intensification of negative feelings or old patterns of being. It is the soul’s way of calling our attention to these old blockages that need to be acknowledged, blessed and released.

Botanical Info

The Pock Ironwood (Fine Ironwood)

Chionanthus foveolata


Learning about how this tree grows in nature, brings further appreciation of its essence:

An evergreen, the pock / fine ironwood can range in size from five to thirty meters in height depending on its habitat. It occurs along the coast of South Africa on hillsides, wooded ravines, lowland forests and dune scrub. Sprays of small, sweetly scented white flowers appear from late winter to spring. The flowers are followed by fleshy, ovoid, purple-black fruit that germinate readily. The fruits are enjoyed by numerous bird species. A member of the olive family, this is a tough, wind-resistant tree – perfect for coastal gardens and hedging.

Fine Ironwood Pendulums with blue agate beadAt Platbos this is one of the hardiest of all the forest trees. Its seedlings often carpet the dry forest floor for years, patiently waiting for a gap in the canopy and a good winter rain to fuel their upward growth. The timber of the trees is pale in colour with streaks of dark brown. It is strong and heavy. The outer bark is a soft silvery-grey. Wind-fallen branches are gathered at Platbos and hand-crafted into unique and beautiful pens, pendulums and pendants.

One of the tree’s common names, “pock ironwood” comes from the little pock marks that dot the central veins of the leaves. Inside these little hollows live minute microbes that live symbiotically on the leaf surface, cleaning them of debris and mold.

Tree of Intuition ~ Fine Ironwood (Pock Ironwood)
Tree of Intuition ~ Fine Ironwood (Pock Ironwood)
Tree of Intuition ~ Fine Ironwood (Pock Ironwood)

Feedback on the Pock Ironwood Essence

On evaluating the Pock Ironwood essence, it has a radiant field 7” above the crown (level of the 8th Chakra – the Ovoid or maybe even the 9th Chakra) It triangulates down to the Star gates (atlanto occipital junctions), and has connections to the reflected chakras above the crown. So far we have no indications of its activity within the major or minor chakra system, however I felt that this essence merited further reflection and so watch this space. – Dr.A. Brito-Babapulle (Kinesiologist and creator of the TEK muscle testing methodology, United Kingdom)

Pock Ironwood essence is useful for people in a higher state of consciousness, and for balancing the higher chakras; it is of use to correct the auric fields and to balance the higher aspects of the energy system – Dr Adrian Brito- Babapulle

The Pock Ironwood essence holds the archetype of the Krone; it enables you to access your wisdom and shows you hidden connections. Use it to gain a new perspective on your life or problem at hand. It helps you get to the root of the problem and will show you where to make changes. – Jomien Rabie, Energy Healer

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