HoneyBee Symphony Mystical Mist

May HoneyBee Symphony support and enhance your Creativity

HoneyBee Symphony Mist Enhances: Joyful Creation | Connection | Camaraderie | Focus

This Mystical Mist contains the following Essences: HoneyBee Symphony, Silver and Gold Colour Essences.

Essential oils used in the synergistic blend of the HoneyBee Symphony Mist: (Most of the oils used are fynbos plants – so integral to the natural habitat of the Cape Honey Bee Apis mellifera capensis. Melissa (Lemon Balm) is one of bees’ most favourite flowers, and Hyssop is known as a Bee Plant and aids alertness and clarity.)

Vibrational Colour Essences:  Gold & Silver

  • The Gold Essence is connected with:
  • Wisdom | Authentic Power | Wealth | Abundance | Justice | Enlightenment | Self-Value | Illumination | Knowledge | Integrity
  • The Silver Essence is connected with:
  • Moon Energy | Goddess Energy| Protection | Cleansing | Eloquence | Wealth | Reflection | Intuition | Integrity | Psychic Abilities | Dream Work