Baobab Tree Mist

Exquisitely-Scented, Therapeutic Energy

Baobab Tree Mist

The Baobab Mist is handcrafted by Melissa Saayman Krige of Platbos Forest. Containing her Baobab Flower Essence – created in the wilderness surrounding the small village of Klein Tshipise, Limpopo – and including oils from the Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, she has created a unique product that captures the healing energy of Africa.

May the Baobab Tree Mist connect you with the ancient and loving wisdom of the Baobab ~ Tree of Life

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Baobab Tree Mist

Enhances: Unity | Magic | Spiritual Alchemy

Essential oils used in the synergistic blend of the Baobab Tree Mist:
Cardamom, Frankincense, Benzoin, Valerian, Oak Moss, Fynbos / South African Oils: Mphepho, Muhu, Naartjie oils

Tree Essence: Baobab Flower Essence

Vibrational Colour Essence combined in the Mist: White

Key Colour Qualities: Oneness (White light contains all the Colours) | Divine Presence | Unconditional Love | Transformation

Suggested Uses:

Mist the soles of the feet to bring in a sense of groundedness and connection to the supportive, nurturing energy of the Earth. Mist the Crown of the head to connect with the timeless wisdom of the Universe.

Sacred Symbol: Tree of Life

Gently mist your body, energy field, home or sanctuary with your Baobab Mist. The scent is pure and light, like the life-giving rains of the African Savannah.

The Baobab Mist vs Perfume

The Baobab Mist, whilst beautifully scented, is not a perfume. It does not contain chemical fixatives so its scent will not remain for hours like a perfume does. Its use is intended for its therapeutic properties: it lifts and transforms energy.


Handcrafted and bottled in the wilderness setting of Platbos Forest, every care and attention is given to ensure that the Baobab Mist contains nothing but pure, ethically sourced ingredients. The essences hold an exceptionally high vibration that is reflected in their elegant glass bottles.


Distilled Water, Preservative Ethanol, Baobab and the White Colour Essence and a blend of Essential Oils
• Hand bottled with care at Platbos Forest
• Free of artificial additives
• Not tested on animals
• Product of South Africa

* The Baobab Flower Essence is an aqueous infusion of a single fresh Baobab flower
*The majority of essential oils used in the Mists are either organically grown or sustainably harvested from the veld.