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Melissa Saayman

Melissa Saayman

Melissa Saayman is the producer of the African Tree Essences. It is her great love and privilege to share the healing of the forest via these unique tree essences. Melissa has lived and worked at Platbos Forest since 2005. She and her fellow forest guardian, Francois Krige, are passionate about protecting, rehabilitating and raising awareness of the importance of this old-growth forest.

The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers of the thirteen major tree species of Platbos, a magical forest at the foot of Africa.

The Ancient Forest

This part of the world has special meaning for all humanity. Many thousands of years ago an iceage laid waste much of the Earth and brought our newly evolved species Homo sapiens to the brink of extinction. Incredibly, a handful managed to survive this catastrophe. Current archeological findings – from rock art dating back some 70 000 years, to stone artifacts estimated to be over 120 000 years old – suggest that the southern coast of Africa is the ancient homeland of all humans alive today. Platbos, an old-growth forest with existing trees of over 1000 years of age, grows within this archeological treasure-chest that holds the clues to our cultural and spiritual origins.

Platbos: Africa’s Southernmost Forest

Platbos is a mystery forest. Growing upon an ancient sand dune with neither a river nor spring to sustain it, the forest survives the hot, dry summer months by drawing moisture from the morning mists that bathe its thirsty canopy. On a still day, the distant roar of the ocean can be heard as it echoes off the sand dunes of Walker Bay and resounds down the Baviaanspoort Hill to Platbos. This coastline evoked the desert wastes of the Sahara in the minds of the early explorers. For botanists, the presence of Platbos Forest in this landscape, where only the drought-resistant and fire-tolerant fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom flourishes, remains unfathomable.

To enter the forest is to enter a world of enchantment. Draped in wispy oldman’s beard, the wizened and baobab-like trees of Platbos grow in a most unusual way: here the divergent trees grow together, not apart. Harmoniously sharing the same space, the trees of the forest intertwine and embrace each other.

Platbos holds within its age-old roots a sacred truth whose time has come: we, children of the Earth, are of one family – each of us a golden thread and together we weave an exquisite tapestry that is the Golden Whole.

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The Forest’s Gift

Touch Wood: Tapping into Forest Wisdom

Old-growth forests are sacred places. Of all the Earth’s power points, native forests radiate the highest levels of positive energy. It was into the heart of such forests that the Ancients journeyed in order to gain spiritual guidance and healing.

Forests hold the balance between Earth and Sky. They maintain the physical and spiritual equilibrium of the Earth. Trees anchor the light for our planet, thanks to the green chlorophyll molecule that transforms sunlight into the energy that fuels all organic life. Without this molecule, we would not exist. Fittingly, the colour green is known as the bridge that connects Heaven and Earth. Green holds the midpoint in the colour spectrum, uniting the light and the dark, synthesizing spirit and matter. The colour green resonates with the human heart: it balances, calms and opens the heart chakrum and fosters increased sensitivity and empathy for others. Forests are literally channels of radiant light and they gift to the world an illuminating yet grounding energy.

The Call of the Forest

Since ancient times, the tree has been a symbol of creation, power, wisdom and of life itself. The main-stream culture of today however views the Earth as a soul-less commodity. Consequently, many old-growth forests are under threat, endangering the future of our entire planet.

Old-growth forests sound an urgent call for us to remember a fundamental truth: Spirit permeates all Life. All that exists is part of a greater Oneness. Indeed, the material and spiritual realms are inseparable – the one being a reflection of the other. The African Tree Essences are a result of this call from the trees. The tree essences hold a key for reactivating this truth: All is One.

Journey to the Heart

Humanity is on the verge of a momentous shift in consciousness: from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. This is the path of Heart Consciousness that embodies compassion, tolerance and unconditional love.

The forest teaches us how to tune into the guidance of our hearts – an invaluable guide for chartering our soul’s unique journey home to Source.

Like branches spiralling up the Tree of Life, the thirteen African Tree Essences offer a framework of supportive energy to illuminate our journey. Thirteen, far from being a “bad luck” number, represents transformation and rebirth. This number holds a vibration that transports us to the next level of perceptual awareness.

The thirteen tree types of Platbos Forest share their light and wisdom with much joy for they are eager to see humanity graduate to the next rung on the evolutionary ladder: the era of Heart Consciousness.