Orange Colour Essence

Orange colour essenceThe Orange Essence Radiates:
Generosity | Prosperity | Sociability | Zest for Life | Joy | Creativity | Bliss | Sensuality | Enthusiasm | Abundance

I live my life with creativity and passion.

Chakra Tuning Fork Used in Essence Making:
Sacral Chakra Sound Vibration

Sacred Geometry Used in Essence Making:
Sacral Chakra Mandala by Geometer Ros Pape

Supportive Tree:
The Rock Alder ~ Tree of Bliss

Balanced by Complementary Colour:
Blue Colour Essence


Associated Chakra:
Svadhisthana / Sacral Chakra

20ml orange essence

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. It’s Sanskrit name means “sweetness”. Connected to the pelvic region, the energy from this chakra feeds the genitals, reproductive organs, bladder, kidneys, lower back and hips. Its central focus is how we express our creativity, sexuality and emotions. As our creative centre, this chakra also governs how we relate to and form relationships with others.

An over-active sacral chakra can cause the inappropriate expression of one’s sexuality – for instance: manipulation of others, aggression, and predatory behaviour. Over-indulgence, emotional dependency and emotional outbursts are also an indication that this chakra is over energized.

An underactive sacral chakra can cause resentment, fearfulness, over sensitivity, frigidity and fear of sex. Fear of change, social shyness, distrust and exaggerated boundaries also indicate that this chakra is underactive.

When the sacral chakra is in balance we form healthy boundaries and warm relationships. We are able to show sensitivity to the needs of others without becoming too attached to them. We nurture ourselves and others, experience pleasure and have the ability to embrace change gracefully.

Chakra Sources / References: