Lion Stargate Mystical Mist

Exquisitely-Scented, Therapeutic Energy

Lion Stargate Mystical MistThe Lion StarGate Mystical Mist is handcrafted by Melissa Krige of Platbos Forest.
By blending the therapeutic infusions of her “Platbos Lion” and Cancer Bush Fynbos Flower Essences, Messina Quartz Crystal Essences and Colour Essences with oils derived from the wild Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, she has created a truly unique product that captures the essence of Africa.

May Lion StarGate support you in bringing Heaven to Earth.

Lion Stargate Mist

Enhances: Lion-Hearted Courage| Divine Guidance| Heaven on Earth

This Mystical Mist contains the Following Essences: Platbos Lion Fynbos Essence, Cancer Bush Flower Essence, Messina Quartz Crystals and Magenta and Lime Green Colour Essences.

The Cancer Bush (Sutherlandia frutescens) Flower Essence is one of the essences in this Mystical Mist. It is made from a Fynbos shrub that grows on the forest edge of Platbos.

First used by the Bushmen many thousands of years ago as a “cure-all”, scientific trails have identified a potent anti-cancer compound in the leaves of this wonder plant. Credo Mutwa asserts that a tincture made from the Cancer Bush, in combination with the Lion’s Ear (Leonotis leonurus), assists greatly too in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Metaphysically, the energy held by the scarlette flowers of the Cancer Bush, is highly protective and invigorating.

Essential oils used in the synergistic blend of the Lion StarGate Mist: Vetiver and Fynbos Oils: Lion’s Ear and Wilde Els

Colour Essences: Magenta and Lime Green

Key Colour Qualities: Magenta: known as the bridge between Heaven and Earth, this is the healer’s colour that connects one to divine guidance.
Lime Green: the complementary colour of magenta, this colour is associated with the divine feminine. It talks of heart-centred power, trust, co-creation and new beginnings.

Suggested Uses: for meditation and for strengthening the auric field. Use it to gain clarity and focus to bring your heart-felt wishes and dreams for the collective good into reality. Please read the in depth description of each essence used in the mist to gain a deeper understanding of the qualities of the Lion StarGate Mist.

Gently mist your body, energy field, home or sanctuary with your Mystical Mist. The scent is pure and light, like the glow of the Milky Way that illuminates the African skies at night.

The Mystical Mist vs Perfume

This Mystical Mist, whilst beautifully scented, is not a perfume. It does not contain chemical fixatives so its scent will not remain for hours like a perfume does. Its use is intended for its therapeutic properties: it lifts and transforms energy.


Handcrafted and bottled in the wilderness setting of Platbos Forest, every care and attention is given to ensure that the Mystical Mist contains nothing but pure, ethically sourced ingredients. The essences hold an exceptionally high vibration that is reflected in their elegant glass bottles.


Distilled Water, Preservative Ethanol, Platbos Lion and Cancer Bush Fynbos Essences, Messina Quartz Crystal Essences, Colour Essences and Fynbos Essential Oils

  • Hand bottled with care at Platbos Forest
  • Free of artificial additives
  • Contains no animal products
  • Not tested on animals
  • Product of South Africa

* The Flower Essences are aqueous infusions of fresh flowers, sustainably harvested by hand at Platbos Forest

**The majority of essential oils used in the Mists are either organically grown or sustainably harvested from the veld.