Violet Colour Essence

Colour essence violetThe Violet Essence Radiates:
Spiritual Wisdom | Service | Transformation | Generosity of Spirit | Highest Frequency Colour of the Visible Light Spectrum | Balancing of Polarities | I am that I am | Self Mastery

Divinity resides with me; I am guided by the Light of the Divine.

Chakra Tuning Fork Used in Essence Making:
Crown Chakra Sound Vibration

Supportive Tree:
The White Stinkwood ~ Tree of Light

Supportive / Balancing Colour Essences:
White Colour Essence, Red Colour Essence


Associated Chakra:
Sahasrara / Crown Chakra

violet colour essence bottle 20ml

Sahasrara, the Sanskrit term for the Crown Chakra, translates as “thousand fold”, and refers to the thousand-petalled lotus that symbolizes the 7th Chakra. Located at the top of the head, this chakra energizes the upper brain, pineal gland, the skeletal and muscular systems, and the skin. The central focus of the Crown Chakra is understanding within the context of our divine selves: it connects us to the divine source of our consciousness. When this chakra is fully opened and balanced we are connected to our divine selves and All That Is, and Unity Consciousness is experienced.

If the Crown chakra is overactive we can become ungrounded and even psychotic. Dissociation from the body, confusion, over intellectualization, and frustration are other pointers that this chakra is over charged.

A deficiency of energy to the Crown Chakra can result in apathy, rigid belief systems, spiritual cynicism, lack of joy and learning difficulties. Excesses in the lower chakras: greed, materialism and the domination of others also point to an imbalance in this chakra.

The Crown chakra needs to be aligned with the Root chakra at the base of the spine so that divine energy can be grounded and manifested within the physical form. For this reason, it is important that we recall the symbolism of the trees: without their roots anchored within the nourishing Earth, they could not process the radiant light energy of the sun and they would simply topple over with the first breeze.

A balanced Crown Chakra enables us to perceive, analyze and assimilate information. Humanitarianism, ethical principles, courage and faith in the divine direction of life, as well as open-mindedness, wisdom and a sense of spiritual questioning and connection, signify a healthy crown chakra in balance.

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