Tree of Inspiration ~ Sea Guarrie

8-sea-guarrie-moonThe Sea Guarrie tree holds a bubbly, sparkling energy – like liquid sunshine it offers a sense of renewal. Sea Guarrie brings back colour, excitement and enthusiasm – this is an uplifting tree that energizes the creative spirit. It brings in new energy to inspire and lighten your journey and this essence may help to balance feelings of gloom, apathy and indifference.

Sea Guarrie comes up quite often for bright and creative children and young people who have “scattered” energy and attention due to excessive exposure to computerized technology and / or over-busy and pressured lives. An essence for those who feel alienated and cut off from others and who have difficulty in feeling their emotions. This essence also comes up for those who find it hard to stop and “smell the roses” – as a result they become exhausted and life loses it sparkle.

Affirmation: Love is the source of my inspiration and joy. I create miracles of great beauty in my life.

Corresponding Colour: Turquoise

Sea Guarrie Tree Mist ~ Tree of Inspiration

Supportive Essence: The White Pear essence may act as supportive essence to the Sea Guarrie essence – particularly if the Sea Guarrie essence is being used to address a long-standing imbalance and an “awareness crisis” has arisen. An awareness crisis is an intensification of negative feelings or old patterns of being. It is the soul’s way of calling our attention to these old blockages that need to be acknowledged, blessed and released.

Tree of Inspiration ~ Sea Guarrie
Tree of Inspiration ~ Sea Guarrie

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Botanical Info

Sea Guarrie 
Euclea racemose

Learning about how this tree grows in nature brings further appreciation for its essence:

The common name, Sea Guarrie, is a Khoisan word, meaning “bush-like” tree. They occur usually as large shrubs in dune scrub and low coastal thickets. At Platbos they are found mostly on the forest margin. There are a few Sea Guarries at Platbos however which have grown into small trees of up to six metres in height. Because they grow within the forest, they have been protected from the fires that burn cyclically through the surrounding areas, and thus they are unusually old and tree-like here.

Their delicate, bell-like flowers are borne in summer; these are sweet and spicy in scent and are loved by the forest’s honey bees. The white flowers are followed by juicy, purple fruits that are much sought after by birds. The foliage of this tree is dark green and leathery, and their dark grey trunks are slender with a rough textured bark.

The timber of the Sea Guarrie is fine-grained and heavy with a beautiful red to purple hue. Wind-fallen branches are gathered at Platbos and hand-crafted into unique and beautiful pendulums.

Sea Guarries are hardy, attractive plants that can be used as a screening for boundary walls as well as making good hedges. They are especially suited to coastal gardens.

We welcome your feedback on the African Tree Essences: if you would like to share your experiences about this essence, please contact us.

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