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Melissa Saayman is the producer of the African Tree Essences and co-founder of Platbos Forest Reserve. It is her great love and privilege to share the healing of the forest via these unique tree essences. Melissa has lived and worked at Platbos Forest since 2005 and is passionate about protecting, rehabilitating and raising awareness of the importance of this old-growth forest. The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers of the major tree species of Platbos, a magical forest at the foot of Africa. Order from our Stockists or contact us directly for more information.


The African Tree Essences

Forest Therapy at Your Finger Tips Created beneath the magical and ancient canopy of Platbos Forest, they are solarized infusions of the forest’s tree and fynbos flowers. Known as vibrational remedies, they bring balance to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

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The Wild & Mystical Essences

These are vibrational remedies, made in the traditions of the Bach Flower Remedies. They include the Baobab Flower Essence, Honey Bee Symphony, the Imphepho Flower Essence, Platbos Lion and the Whale Song Wisdom Essence.

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The Ancient Forest

Platbos: Africa’s Southernmost Forest is an old-growth forest with existing trees of over 1000 years of age, growing within this archeological treasure-chest that holds the clues to our cultural and spiritual origins. To enter the forest is to enter a world of enchantment.

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The Ancient Forest Tree Mists

Energetically supportive and beautifully scented, the Mists are handcrafted by blending the therapeutic infusions of the African Tree Essences with oils derived from the wild Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom. They are unique products that capture the essence of Africa.

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The Wild & Mystical Mists

These include the Baobab, Honey Bee Symphony, Imphepho, Lion Stargate and the Whale Song Wisdom Mystical Mist. Every care and attention is given to ensure that the Mists contain nothing but pure, ethically sourced ingredients.

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The Colour Essences of Light

Solarized colour tinctures. Also known as hydrochromatic therapy. Being vibratory in nature; they do not have a visible colour yet hold the therapeutic frequencies of each specific colour ray. These are created in a natural clearing in the forest with the sun’s rays to potentize them.

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White Light Colour Essence

The White Light Essence Radiates: Purity | Clarity | Oneness (White light contains all the Colours) | Divine Presence | Unconditional Love | Transformation | Purpose | Perfection | Healing | Protection

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Violet Colour Essence

The Violet Essence Radiates: Spiritual Wisdom | Service | Transformation | Generosity of Spirit | Highest Frequency Colour of the Visible Light Spectrum | Balancing of Polarities | I am that I am | Self Mastery

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Magenta Colour Essence

The Magenta Essence Radiates: Divine Love | Bridge between Heaven & Earth | The Healer’s Colour | Beyond Judgment | Divinity in All Things | Compassion | Personal Transformation | Magic | Illumination of Life Purpose | Divine Protection

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