Crystal Essences

The Crystal Essences of the Lion StarGate Mystical Mist

Messina ajoite crystal

Crystal for slide showThere are two crystal essences contained in this Mystical Mist. They were made at Platbos Forest from two Messina Quartz crystals. Interestingly, although acquired at different times, both crystals are in the “Abundance” crystal configuration: one main crystal with many smaller crystals clustered around the base.

Further, each holds the complementary colour of the other: the azure blue of the Ajoite Quartz is balanced by the coral red of the Hematite Quartz. They are then mirrors of each other: the hematite connects us to the abundance of the Earth and the ajoite links us to the abundance of the spiritual realms.

The crystal essences were created during the Lion StarGate of 2013. They were made over the full moon in Leo/Aquarius on the 21st of August and then energized on the 22nd of August when Regulus, heart star of the Leo constellation, was in direct alignment with the sun. The essences therefore integrate the new lunar / solar codes of this auspicious time period.

Messina Ajoite Quartz Crystal

baobab treeThe metaphysical properties of the Ajoite Quartz Crystals mark them as master healers and a medium for connecting with the higher worlds. As Melody describes in her “Crystal & Mineral Encyclopaedia, Love is in the Earth” they are powerful tools for the new age. They connect one with “All That Is”, radiating unconditional love, peace and joy. They teach us of the Divine and the connectedness of all beings.

Messina Hematite Quartz Crystal

This beautiful crystal from the Messina “mine shaft 5” holds the following properties: It stimulates healing for the planet and activates healing abilities within individuals. The coral red hematite held in the crystal helps to foster unconditional love, tranquillity, and a gentle meditative state. Its grounding energy is very protective and dissolves negativity.

Messina – Land of the Gods and the Baobab Trees

The Messina Quartz crystals came to my attention in 2012 – by chance I noticed their mention in an ‘African Gems and Minerals’ newsletter. The region surrounding Messina has a special place in my heart for it is my place of birth. For two years my family lived in a small, abandoned labourer’s cottage set in the bush veld of Tshipise – a tiny hamlet in those days – famous for the hot mineral springs that bubble up from deep within the earth. Tshipise, meaning “something warm” is located a few kilometres from Messina. My father, Dr Graham Saayman, was researching the social behaviour of a wild troop of baboons that lived on a hillside nearby. This region is in the heartland of the baobabs – the huge, magnificent trees held as magical by the Bushmen, and revered by many African cultures as the trees from which humanity was created.

The Messina region is home to the abandoned Kingdom of Mapungubwe, “the place of the boiling stones” – the largest known kingdom in southern Africa that thrived up to about one thousand years ago. Shrouded in mystery, this ancient and sophisticated civilization traded in ivory and gold with Egypt, India and China. Recognized as a World Heritage site today, it predates the construction of Great Zimbabwe. The architecture of Mapungubwe provides the earliest evidence of sacred leadership in Southern Africa; indeed, two of the royal burials there are of Khoisan descent – a King and Queen – found adorned with golden beads.

rhino Crystal essenceOther grave sites revealed golden sceptres and the world-famous, gold-foiled rhinoceros figurine. The whole area is dotted with sacred sites, and the other local name for Mapungubwe, Tshavhadzimu, translates as “place of the gods”.

The White Lions of Timbavati

This part of the Limpopo Province is famous too for its wild life – elephants, rhinos, and lions – amongst all the other great creatures of the African wilderness. Not far away is the Timbavati, named in ancient Shangaan whose meaning is: “the place where something sacred came down from the stars”. Legend has it that a great light came down from the heavens and for years later, snow-white animals with startling blue eyes – eland, impala, leopards and lions – were seen. Gradually these unusual animals seemed to disappear but of all, the legend of the white lions persisted. Across the whole of Africa, from Egypt in the North, to Bushmanland in the South, the ancient oral traditions tell of the arrival of these star beasts, and prophesized that they would return once more to the land of their birth: Timbavati.

Crystal essence slide of lion copyright Shelley Adams

Shelley Adams

Held as sacred and magical, the White Lions are revered as enlightenment bearers and protectors of the Earth – indeed, lion priest, Credo Mutwa, describes them as “Children of the Sun God”.  They call on us to collectively open to a higher consciousness and to embrace and honour the universal truth that “All is One”.

Now, as we move into the age of the New Earth, the White Lions have returned once more to their sacred land: Chris McBride, a researcher in the Timbavati region, photographed these mythical creatures in the wilderness of Timbavati in the 1970’s, providing proof of their return. Their arrival at this particular time on Earth is no coincidence and they send out an urgent call to humanity to heed their message.

As Above So Below

Photo copyright Rob Smith Collection

Photo copyright Rob Smith Collection

Following the principal of “As Above, So Below” – the austere beauty of this area’s landscape, its ancient history, the mythical baobabs and mysteries of the White Lions – are reflected by the treasures held deep within the Earth: a wealth of metals and minerals, and unique crystals – crystals found no where else on Earth but here: the Messina Ajoite Quartz crystals. They are otherworldly in appearance – the azure of the ajoite phantom seeming to float like a cloud within the quartz, which is often an opaque white.

Discovered in the 1960’s and world-famous by the 1980’s – coincidentally around the time of the reappearance of the White Lions in nearby Timbavati – Messina is the only known source for clear quartz crystals with ajoite inclusions. They were extracted from a depth of over 4000 feet but when the mine flooded and then closed in 1991, their supply came to an abrupt end. Prized by mineral collectors from around the world, these rare crystals are highly priced and difficult to obtain.

The metaphysical properties of the Ajoite Quartz Crystals mark them as master healers and a medium for connecting with the higher worlds. As Melody describes in her book “Crystal & Mineral Encyclopaedia, Love is in the Earth” they are powerful tools for the new age. They connect one with “All That Is”, radiating unconditional love, peace and joy. They teach us of the Divine and the connectedness of all beings. To gaze into the magical depths of these crystals – even a photograph of one – fills one with awe and love.

To me, the Messina ajoite quartz crystals and the White Lions are unmistakably connected. Both share messages of unconditional love – Christ Consciousness – and the teachings of the Oneness of life. They share a unique place of origin and came to global attention at almost the same point in time. Both are rare and highly revered. And most amazing is their common appearance – snowy white and mystical blue. White holds all the colours of the rainbow; blue is the colour of truth, teaching, higher consciousness and peace.

It is interesting too that the flooding of the Messina mines in 1991 means that no further ajoite quartz crystals can be extracted from the Earth – this will ensure that those remaining will hold their healing and power, centred in this sacred part of Africa.

After the White Lions of Timbavati were discovered in the 1980’s, they were sent to the Johannesburg Zoo – essentially because it was felt that their brilliant white coats would make hunting difficult for them in the wild. This turned out to be misguided reasoning but the results were that they were removed from their place of origin, and their cubs sent to zoos around the world and later to farms for trophy hunting. The work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, established by conservationist Linda Tucker in 2002, has resulted in the reintroduction of the White Lions back into the wilderness of Timbavati where the pride is now hunting and reproducing without human intervention. In addition, the White Lion gene remains active within the tawny lions of the Timbavati region, and the spontaneous birth of a White Lion may occur at any time.

The White Lions are back in their homeland, and like the Messina ajoite quartz crystals, will hold their transformational power for the Earth in this sacred part of Africa.

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To read more about the White Lions, please consult the following books:

“The White Lions of Timbavati” – by Chris McBride

“Children of the Sun God – A Journey with the White Lions into the Heart of Human Evolution” – by Linda Tucker