The African Tree Essences

Forest Therapy at Your Finger Tips

The African Tree Essences are remedies made from the flowers and leaves of the ancient trees of Platbos ~ Africa’s southernmost forest.

Made in the traditions of the Bach Flower Remedies, the African Tree Essences are solarized infusions of the tree flowers of Platbos. Known as vibrational remedies, the tree essences work on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Homeopathic in nature, the tree essences hold the vibrational blue print of the age-old trees of Platbos. Recent scientific research into trees and forests verifies what energy healers have long held to be true: that all trees have their own unique vibration (as does all matter). Trees, however, because of their still, peaceful nature and great antiquity, have incredibly high, stable energy fields. When we come into contact with them, they give our energy field what has been described as a “Rebooting” – much like what happens when you turn your computer off and then on again when it is malfunctioning. Via the element of our body’s water content (up to 70% in a healthy adult) the trees’ high vibrations help to realign our vibrational field back to its natural, healthy norm.
Science now also shows that water has a unique ability to store and transfer the vibrational imprint of anything that it comes into contact with. In the case of the African Tree Essences, this is the flowers and leaves of the thirteen different tree species that make up Platbos Forest. Each holding a different vibrational imprint and quality, the African Tree Essences work gently but deeply to realign and balance the body’s vibrational field.

Properties of the 14 African Tree Essences

Visit the following page to Explore the Healing Properties of the African Tree Essences with full descriptions of the properties of all 14 African Tree Essences.

Tree of Grace ~ The Myrsine Mystery

The Tree of Grace is a tree of mystery. She holds the energy of evolution and magic in motion - boundless, unknown and infinite. Rich in potential and possibility, she reminds us of how little we truly know about the universal forces read more …

Tree of Wholeness ~ Milkwood

The energy of the milkwood tree brings a deep sense of connection and belonging. The energy of the milkwood tree can assist us with feeling at home on the Earth. Read more …

Tree of Joy ~ White Pear

The white pear tree connects you with your heart’s desire - this is a hugely uplifting, joyful tree that opens your eyes to the beauty of life. Read more …

Tree of Bliss ~ Rock Alder

The rock alder tree has a sensual, fresh and youthful energy. The rock alder assists with balancing the inner male and female energies. Read more …

Tree of Self-Knowledge ~ Black Bark (Bladder Nut)

The black bark teaches us that being our authentic self is all that is required. By removing the need to be other than who we truly are, our life force is liberated. Read more …

Using the African Tree Essences:

The simplest method is to follow your intuition: read through the descriptions of the 14 African Tree Essences and note which of them attracts you the most.

When and how to take your essence:

As a general guide-line, take 4 drops of the essence in water 3 times per day for 4 weeks. Meditating on the essence’s affirmation will further enhance the effect of the tree essence. The essences can also be applied “neat” to pulse points or behind the ears if administering to animals.
Keeping a journal to record dreams, memories and thoughts that arise over the time period that you are taking your tree essence is useful and can help to raise your awareness of old thought patterns, feelings or beliefs that may be ready to be released.

What is an “Awareness Crisis”?

A well-chosen essence may increase our awareness of an undesirable aspect of ourselves. This heightened awareness may cause discomfort as we see our shadow-self so clearly illuminated. This is actually a valuable opportunity to recognize and release this aspect of the self. Journaling, meditation and using the essence’s affirmation are helpful ways of moving through an awareness crisis.

What do the African Tree Essences contain?

The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers and leaves of the ancient trees of Platbos. Melissa Krige carefully hand-picks the little flowers when they are at their perfect stage of unfoldment. The flowers and leaves are placed in a glass bowl containing pure, spring water that flows through the Uilkraal Vallei (Owl Valley). The bowl is placed nearby the parent tree in the golden light of the African sun. The resulting solarized infusion holds the vibrational blue print of the leaves and flowers of the forest trees. Brandy is used as the fixative – this preserves the integrity of the flower essence indefinitely.

If, at the time of flowering, there is an auspicious happening in the heavens or an important time of year – solstice, a lunar eclipse or full moon – Melissa will co-ordinate the making of the tree essence to ensure that these special energies are also included.

The age-old roots of the forest, its wilderness and seclusion, make the tree essences of Platbos entirely unique. Indeed, Geomancer Dean Liprini found that the energy-fields of the trees of Platbos are three times larger than normal. In addition, the African Tree Essences encapsulate the wider forest environment and the ancient memory of the land itself.

Flower essences are particularly earth-friendly as only a small quantity of plant matter is required to make the potentized tinctures. The African Tree Essences are preserved in a brandy and spring water solution. Each bottle is carefully and mindfully prepared by hand beneath the canopy of Platbos Forest.

Flower Essences vs. Essential Oils

Flower essences are often confused with essential oils but they are quite different. Flower essences are:

  • Safe to take internally
  • Not aromatic

Like all flower essences, the African Tree Essences:

  • are safe and effective for adults and children, and also animals and plants
  • are non-addictive
  • enhance other forms of treatment e.g. orthodox medicine, homeopathy and herbalism
  • are an excellent form of preventative treatment

Product Details

  • There are 14 African Tree Essences : an essence for each of the 14 main tree species of Platbos Forest.
  • The African Tree Essences are made and bottled at Platbos Forest.
  • The African Tree Essences are available in 20 ml glass bottles and contain a water infusion of the particular tree flowers with a percentage of grape alcohol (brandy) as a preservative.
  • The essences are supplied as stock essences and directions are given on the label.
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders and trade enquiries are welcome.