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The African Tree Essences

Forest Therapy at Your Finger Tips

The African Tree Essences are created beneath the magical and ancient canopy of Platbos Forest. They are solarized infusions of the forest’s tree and fynbos flowers. Known as vibrational remedies, they are made in the traditions of the Bach Flower Remedies, and bring balance to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

For more in-depth information about Platbos and the how the essences are made, see The Forest.

Please see a brief description of all our essences below our Frequently Asked Questions; alternatively visit their dedicated pages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Choose an Essence:

The simplest method is to follow your intuition: read through the descriptions of the essences below and note which of them attracts you the most. The flowers and forms of the plants also hold information: see which ‘speaks’ to you and then read up on those as a priority. Dowsing for a priority essence with a pendulum, or muscle testing as used in kinesiology, are other methods to pinpoint which essence to use.

When and how to take your essence:

As a general guide-line, take 4 drops of the essence in water 3 times per day for 4 weeks. Meditating on the essence’s affirmation will further enhance the effect of the essence. The essences can also be applied “neat” to pulse points or behind the ears if administering to animals. Keeping a journal to record dreams, memories and thoughts that arise over the time period that you are taking your essence is useful and can help to raise your awareness of old thought patterns, feelings or beliefs that may be ready to be released.

What is an “Awareness Crisis”?

A well-chosen essence may increase our awareness of an undesirable aspect of ourselves. This heightened awareness may cause discomfort as we see our shadow-self so clearly illuminated. This is actually a valuable opportunity to recognize, accept and / or release this aspect of the self. Journaling, meditation and using the essence’s affirmation are helpful ways of moving through an awareness crisis. Our Cherry Wood is a supportive essence to use additionally during an awareness crisis.

Can I use essences to treat a serious condition?

If you have a serious mental, emotional or physical condition, you should seek assistance from a medical professional. Essences are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Essences are not medicine, drugs or herbal supplements. They work by stimulating inner awareness and change.

Flower Essences are Not Essential Oils

Flower essences are often confused with essential oils but they are quite different. Flower essences are:

  • Not aromatic
  • Our Mists (not to be used internally) however contain essences and carefully sourced essential oils – they have a beautiful scent but this comes from the synergistic blend of essential oils (which are not produced at Platbos).

What do the African Tree Essences contain?

The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers and leaves of the forest’s ancient trees, and the surrounding fynbos. Melissa carefully hand-picks the little flowers when they are at their perfect stage of unfoldment. Please read more about the essence making process on The Forest Page.

Flower essences are particularly earth-friendly as only a small quantity of plant matter is required to make the potentized tinctures. The African Tree Essences are preserved in a brandy and spring water solution.

Product Details

  • The African Tree Essences are made and hand bottled at Platbos Forest Reserve.
  • They are available in 20 ml glass bottles and contain a water infusion of the particular flowers with a percentage of grape alcohol (brandy) as a preservative.
  • The essences are supplied as stock essences and directions are given on the label.
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders and trade enquiries are welcome.

Summarized Properties of The Essences

Tree of Wholeness ~ Milkwood

The energy of the Milkwood tree brings a deep sense of connection and belonging. The energy of the Milkwood tree can assist us with feeling at home on the Earth - it connects you with your personal power, and reminds you on the cellular level that we are all one family.

Tree of Joy ~ White Pear

The White Pear tree connects you with your heart’s desire – this is a hugely uplifting, joyful tree that opens your eyes to the beauty of life. White Pear has an exuberant, feminine energy that enhances self-acceptance and open-heartedness.

Tree of Bliss ~ Rock Alder

The Rock Alder tree has a sensual, fresh and youthful energy. The Rock Alder assists with balancing the inner male and female energies. This essence may be helpful for maintaining boundaries and balance in relationships and may be especially helpful for those who idealize their partners or whom have co-dependency issues.

Tree of Self-Knowledge ~ Black Bark (Bladder Nut)

The Black Bark teaches us that being our authentic self is all that is required. By removing the need to be other than who we truly are, our life force is liberated. Paradoxically, in our humility we access our true, authentic power.

Tree of Courage ~ Wild Peach

The Wild Peach tree has a potent energy to assist with putting you in touch with your personal power. This tree fosters courage and confidence, and brings focus and clarity. Like a clear bright light, it shines the way forward. This is essence may help to balance indecision and procrastination.

Tree of Forgiveness ~ Hard Pear

The Hard Pear reminds us that all that we experience is part of our spiritual evolution. Hard Pear can bring a higher understanding of why things have unfolded the way that they have, and she can help us to see the positive in even a painful event.

Tree of Loving Kindness ~ Spike Thorn

The Spike Thorn tree has a powerful energy that speaks of “Christ Consciousness” – a state of consciousness in which a person finds self-realization and unity with the Divine / Source. Spike Thorn softens the heart and teaches the value of surrender.

Tree of Inspiration ~ Sea Guarrie

The Sea Guarrie tree holds a bubbly, sparkling energy – like liquid sunshine it offers a sense of renewal. Sea Guarrie brings back colour, excitement and enthusiasm – this is an uplifting tree that energizes the creative spirit.

Tree of Faith ~ African Wild Olive

The African Wild Olive essence may be useful in times of need, despair or exhaustion – when fortitude, strength and protection are required. African Wild Olive’s energy offers faith and perseverance for the darkest hour before the dawn.

Tree of Comfort ~ Saffron Wood

The Saffron Wood essence is helpful for tender-hearted souls who are easily bruised by life, and for those who feel their emotions very deeply. The energy of this tree offers comfort for hurt, loss, grief or tearfulness.

Tree of Intuition ~ Pock Ironwood (Fine Ironwood)

The Pock Ironwood essence may enhance receptivity and intuition, and bring focus, clarity and perspective. This essence assists us with seeing the “bigger picture” and with gaining a new perspective of the status quo.

Tree of Serenity ~ Cherry Wood

The energy of the Cherry Wood tree is soothing and calming. This is an essence that may balance feelings of shock, fear, fright or trauma. Cherry Wood unlocks the sense of being “frozen” in the trauma and so creates a safe and contained space for self-healing.

Tree of Light ~ White Stinkwood

The White Stinkwood tree has a very high vibration. This is an essence for aligning with your higher self, and for connecting with your soul purpose and inner guidance. The White Stinkwood essence offers auric protection and may be useful for those wanting to develop their channeling abilities.

Tree of Grace ~ The Myrsine Mystery

The Tree of Grace is a tree of mystery. She holds the energy of evolution and magic in motion – boundless, unknown and infinite. Rich in potential and possibility, she reminds us of how little we truly know about the universal forces that underpin and manifest our earthly existence.

The Wild & Mystical Essences

Baobab Flower Essence

Key Qualities: Supports healing and integration of the Shadow-Self | Awakens and empowers the Divine Feminine within | Connects and grounds “Cosmic Consciousness”. Associated Element: Ether

Honey Bee Symphony ~ Platbos Essence

Key Qualities: Inspires devotion, dedication and focus when working towards one’s heartfelt goals and objectives | Assists with perceiving the sweetness, beauty and perfection of Life As It Is | Elevates the spirit, and is an overall tonic. Associated Element: Air

Imphepho Flower Essence

Key Qualities: Purification | Protection | Prayer | Balances Intergenerational Trauma.
Associated Element: Earth

Platbos Lion Fynbos Essence

Key Qualities: Self-Empowerment | Integrity | Lion-Hearted Courage | The Power of Love.
Associated Element: Fire

Whale Song Wisdom Essence

Key Qualities: Fluidity | Heart Wisdom| Deep Meditation | Unity | Spiritual Alchemy.
Associated Element: Water

The African Tree Essences products do not claim to cure, heal, alleviate or prevent any illness or medical condition. Flower essences work holistically at a vibrational level providing emotional and spiritual support. The use of these products and/or services is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from a qualified healthcare professional.

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