“Platbos Lion” Fynbos Flower Essence

Copyright © Graham Saayman

Copyright © Shelly Adams

© Copyright Graham Saayman

Copyright © Shelly Adams

The Platbos Lion Flowers hold the following message:

You have the Lion’s ear: speak your deepest desires for the New Earth into being; share them with the mystical Star Lions who watch over Mother Earth and all of her creations. Ask that they might assist you with their powerful energy so that your heart-felt desires may be made manifest. Step into your light and divine power, knowing that you are protected and supported by the forces of Light.

The Platbos Lion Fynbos Essence is made from a uniquely-coloured “Lion’s Ear” (Leonotis leonurus) that I discovered at Platbos in 2013. Normally, the flowers of this medicinal shrub are a brilliant orange. In a newly cut fire-break, two shrubs were found growing side by side, facing the rising sun, and covered in prolific flowers the exact colour of a White Lion’s mane: a pale, tawny blonde.

Platbos Lion Fynbos Essence - Lion’s Ear (Leonotis leonurus)It is significant that these unique shrubs were found in the newly created fire break. Previously, dense, impenetrable stands of alien vegetation had been pressed right up against the forest, posing a severe fire threat to the old growth forest. When these aliens were removed, the Lion’s Ears grew abundantly in their place.

Indeed, Leonotis leonurus are “forest indicators” – they come up on disturbed land that was previously forested. The Lion, a Universal symbol of Nature in Harmony has its correspondence in the Plant Kingdom: The Forest. Together, Lion and Forest, are nature’s highest expression of balance and grace.

The presence of this unusually coloured Lion’s Ears, informally named “Platbos Lion”, carries the message that the Natural Order – the sacred blueprint that underpins the mysterious workings of the Universe – will always prevail, no matter the odds. That which is imbalanced, will always revert to a state of balance.

When we act in the service of the Natural Laws, miracles – both large and small – will manifest.

The Lion StarGate

The timing of the appearance of the “Platbos Lion” flowers is also significant. They manifested just before the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal (July – August 2013). Over this period, a vortex of powerful light from the Galactic Centre entered the Earth, magnified by the sun in the sign of Leo, conjunct with the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in the North. Sirius was held as the most important star in the sky by the ancient Egyptians and was central to all their religious beliefs. Their calendar was based on the heliacal rising of Sirius – this occurs when Sirius rises in the sky at the same time as our sun during June and July each year. The Great Pyramid of Giza is believed to have been built in perfect alignment with the stars – and with Sirius in particular.

Sirius is more than twenty times brighter than our own sun and twice as large. It is the brightest star in the sky and since antiquity has been held as sacred by many of the world’s peoples – from remote tribes in Africa to ancient civilizations, Sirius is associated with divinity and human evolution. It is considered to be our spiritual sun that brings enlightenment, power and knowledge. Regulus, the heart star of the Leo constellation, is the lens through which these Sirian influences are concentrated on the Earth; it acts as a regulator and stimulates heart consciousness and divine justice in humanity. The powers of Regulus are felt, in particular, in August each year at the tail end of the sign of Leo. The mysterious, cosmic powers of Sirius have stood the test of time: the widespread beliefs associated with Sirius continue to influence and inspire modern day esoteric thinking, mystery schools and astrologers.

In 2013, during the heliacal rising of Sirius in the sign of Leo, a unique set of planetary alignments occurred: Venus – the planet of love – was “birthed” in the Star of David and Grand Cross planetary configurations that constellated during this auspicious time period. Light Workers from around the globe identified this wave of intense energy to hold new evolutionary codes of expanded, heart-centred consciousness and magic.

Of Lions and Humans

There is a sacred connection between lions, humanity and the stars. Linda Tucker’s book, “Children of the Sun God – A Journey with the White Lions into the Heart of Human Evolution” weaves together ancient African prophesies (as shared by lion priest Credo Mutwa), the mysteries of the Great Sphinx, archaeology and the significance of the lion as a symbol of Christ Consciousness. In the southern hemisphere, we are on the cusp of the Age of Leo; the northern hemisphere will move into the mirror of this new age: the Age of Aquarius.

The New Earth

This Age is heralded to bring about a New Earth: one that will see the shift from the current “love of power” to a new consciousness based on “the power of love”. Central to this theme is that humanity will take on a more active, conscious role in co-creating this New Earth. The shift, whilst supported by Universal forces of Light, hinges on our collective participation in the process. Leonine energy provides us with the courage, faith and strength of the lion to step into our divine life purpose. Illuminated by the brilliance of our spiritual sun, Sirius, we are all, as embodied sons and daughters of the Light, here to bring about the changes we so dearly yearn to see manifested on the Earth. We each have a unique part to play in bringing this about, each a special gift to share. This takes courage, faith and perseverance but we can take heart in knowing that when we shine our light, it is hugely magnified and supported by the Universal forces of Light.

Path of the Lion

My personal journey on the path of the lion began several years back. Whilst meditating with an ancient artefact that I found nearby Platbos, I had a vision of a Khoisan medicine woman clapping and repeatedly chanting one word: Gamka. I later learnt that this means “lion”. Moreover, I had never heard of Lion Shamanism and it was only a few years later, upon stumbling across Linda Tucker’s book, “Children of the Sun God” that I learnt of this ancient African tradition.

Born on the 22nd of August, my sun sign is Leo but as a shy and introverted child I did not embrace my Leo-hood. Felines are my favourite animals but I was more like a quiet cat than a roaring lion. Through Linda Tucker’s book, I discovered that my birthday is a significant date in the month of Leo since on this day, Regulus – the heart star of the Leo constellation – is in direct alignment with the sun. At this time the spiritual aspects of the lion are at their fore: these illuminate us with the lion-hearted courage to stand in our power and share our light with the world. For me that has meant over-coming my reluctance to speak out and to share my experiences of the forest and the trees. Years ago, public speaking filled me with horror; today, through sharing from my heart, I have lost my fear and found my voice.

The more actively I work with the mystical leonine energy, the more I see it manifest in the world around me. Once, Cape Lions roamed the country-side around Platbos. Black-maned and slightly larger than their upcountry cousins, they were hunted to extinction by the European colonists, the last one being shot and killed around 1852. The leopards, secretive and alert to the dangers of man, still hold their place on the landscape. I was amazed to find that the more I worked with the lion energy, the more sightings and signs of leopards were evidenced in and around Platbos. This was also the time that I discovered the uniquely coloured Leonotis leonurus – their common name, “Lion’s Ear” refers to their flowers which are furry and shaped like a lion’s ear. For lion priest Credo Mutwa, the Lion’s Ear is one of the most powerful of our indigenous herbs and he asserts that a tincture made from it and the Cancer Bush makes a powerful tonic that boosts the immune system and is excellent for HIV/Aids patients.

Finding the Platbos Lion shrubs on the edge of the old-growth forest was, for me, living confirmation of the power of the Leonine energies in action.

Arial – Lioness of God

Archangel Arial is a lion-headed angel whose name means Lioness of God. She is aligned with the Natural World, Mother Earth, the Animal Kingdom and the Elementals (the Nature Spirits, Devas, Fairies and Elves). Ariel is connected with air and wind and with water. Although she is a guardian of all animals, she is especially connected with birds. The Lion is considered her “animal totem.” Arial is associated with divine magic and miraculous manifestation, and she reminds us that we all possess such creative powers. We wield this power through the conscious projection of our thoughts, words, emotions, beliefs and our intentions. I call on Arial to assist me with my work here at Platbos: When there are runaway fires nearby for instance, I call on her and the Elementals to protect the forest. When there is drought, I call on her and the Elementals to please send rain. I have called on her repeatedly to assist with the healing of severely injured animals and the results are simply miraculous.

The Plight of the Lions

Just as the Cape Lions were hunted to extinction in the Western Cape and beyond, Africa’s wild lions are now under serious threat: if this situation continues unchecked, the mighty roar of the lion in the wilderness will soon be but an empty echo from the past. Trophy hunting, poaching for the bone trade in China and the brutal and barbaric practice of Canned Lion Hunting are decimating the wild lion population, both directly and indirectly. Canned lion hunting entails farming lions in captivity – they are kept in small fenced, cemented enclosures where the cubs are taken away from their mothers and sent to petting farms for unwitting tourists to hold and feed. Once they outgrow this they are sent on to ‘wild life’ farms where tourists can “walk with the lions”. The end to their lives of slavery comes at the Canned farms where they are drugged and then baited for the pleasure of trophy hunters to kill them in staged “hunts”. This is a multi-million industry and those involved jealously protect their rights to continue with their scourge. Raising awareness of this gross practice is vital as many of the tourists who come into contact with these lions (either through the petting farms or the establishments that advertise “walks with lions”) are unwittingly supporting the industry. There is much on the internet about canned hunting and many organizations are doing sterling work aimed at banning this practice.

We can make a difference as individuals by supporting these organisations that challenge Canned lion hunting and through spreading awareness of the plight of the lions. Working with the forces of love and light is an additional way for us to assist. Holding the lions in your prayers and thoughts, envisioning them roaming free in the veld and asking Archangel Ariel for their protection are small but powerful ways to make a difference. Surrounding those who profit from the industry with light and higher consciousness is another means to bring about meaningful change and transformation.

The challenges facing the planet are huge and it is easy to become overwhelmed and disheartened. Yet now more than ever we need to trust in the forces of Light and to focus our attention there.

Our task is to live consciously, to embody within our own lives all the changes we would like to see reflected in the world around us. How we express our light is as unique as we ourselves are. When we open to our inner wisdom and connect with the brilliance of the light, both within us and without, we can work miracles.