Indigo Colour Essence

Indigo colour essenceThe Indigo Essence Radiates:
Spirituality | Service | Contemplation | Healing | Mysticism| Inspiration | Clairvoyance | Insight | Visions | Dreams

I see with clarity; I can manifest my visions.

Chakra Tuning Fork Used in Essence Making:
Third Eye Chakra Sound Vibration

Sacred Geometry Used in Essence Making:
Third Eye Chakra Mandala by Geometer Ros Pape

Supportive Tree:
The Fine Ironwood ~ Tree of Intuition

Balanced by Complementary Colour:
Yellow Colour Essence


Associated Chakra:
Ajna / Third Eye Chakra

20ml indigo essence
Ajna, the Sanskrit word for this chakra means, “to perceive and command”. The pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose, nervous system and lower brain are governed by this energy centre. The central themes of the 3rd Eye are visualization, imagination, intuition, dreams and insight.

As Ros Pape describes her mandala of the 3rd Eye: “The chakric form is usually depicted with 2 petals and its colour frequency is Indigo. The two petals symbolize the polar aspects of the mind, the Left and Right brain, and the polarity of yin and yang, male and female energies within the human form that need to be brought into balance if we are to function as whole human beings. At the centre is the form of the eye which is formed from the intersection of two circles passing through each other’s centre, in other words, the Vesica Piscis.”

The Vesica Piscis symbol holds the geometries for light creation, and it is no coincidence that it also resembles the eye, the organ that perceives and recognizes colour, pattern and form.

When the 3rd Eye Chakra is over active, we are prone to delusions, hallucinations, obsessions and nightmares. We have difficulty concentrating and may become religiously dogmatic.

An underactive 3rd Eye Chakra causes poor vision and memory, narrow mindedness, difficulty in visualizing, poor dream recall, insensitivity and denial.

An open and balanced 3rd Eye expands our consciousness so that we are able to perceive beyond the illusions of the material world. We are able to see true reality: that we are aspects of the Creator creating. We experience the Oneness of creation.

Chakra Sources / References: