The Colour Essences

The colour essences combined in the Tree and Mystical Mists are vibratory in nature; they do not have a visible colour but as solarized tinctures, they hold the therapeutic energies of the colour spectrum.

The colour essences are made at a natural clearing in Platbos where an ancient, fallen white stinkwood tree makes a perfect alter for them to catch the sun’s rays. A quartz crystal further amplifies the sun light.

The colour essences are additionally enhanced with sound energy – via chakra tuning forks – and blessings from the Archangels. These angelic beings are powerful, loving and non-denominational.

Colour Therapy

Practiced since ancient times, Colour Therapy employs the dynamic energies of colour as a therapeutic tool. Modern science is rediscovering the healing benefits of colour that the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China practiced in days gone by. Colour affects our way of thinking, our moods and health. Colour is light – visible radiant energy of varying wave lengths.

When the energy of colour enters our body, it stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands. The production of certain hormones is subsequently set in motion and these in turn affect a variety of physiological responses. These physical responses have been measured in blind people, leading to the conclusion that colour is perceived by the body as energy vibrations.

Knowledge of the different colour qualities can assist us in utilizing their properties to improve and enhance our sense of wellbeing.

The Meaning of Colour:

Red is the colour of passion and drama, energy and power. It is dynamic and vital, the colour of action and purpose. It is an arousing, exciting colour that calls attention to itself like none other, and can give us an extra boost when our energy is flagging.

Coral Red is concerned with relationship issues, self-love and acceptance and spontaneity. It shows us where we are projecting our thoughts and beliefs onto others.

Orange is the colour of joy and enthusiasm. Like red it energizes but in a more bubbly, fun-filled way. This is a youthful colour, full of zest and spontaneity. Orange is a colour associated with generosity, prosperity and sociability. Reflected in the orange robes of Buddhist monks this colour also has within it the potential for bliss and enlightenment.

Gold is the colour connected to authenticity, self-value, wisdom, illumination and knowledge.

Yellow is the colour of the intellect, novelty and change. It encourages rational thinking and detachment from our emotions – by so doing, it gives us the perspective necessary to seek out new solutions to problems. Like sunshine, yellow energizes and warms. It offers us the courage to let go of those things in our lives that are no longer serving us.

Lime Green is the colour associated with the divine feminine. It talks of heart-centred power, trust, co-creation and new beginnings.

Green is the colour of fertility and renewal. It is a colour infused with hope, peace and harmony. A restful and reflective colour which integrates and balances the emotions with the intellect, green offers us tranquility and serenity. Green gives us the space to get in touch with our inner strength and creativity.

Turquoise is the colour concerned with trusting our intuition. It is connected to idealism and teaching. The Age of Aquarius is associated with this colour. It is also about communication from the heart and being the colour of the sea, it connects us to the whales and dolphins.

Blue is the colour of communication, ambition, sincerity and orderliness. It instills a sense of responsibility and a desire to achieve our plans in a directed and determined manner. Blue carries a sense of authority and integrity. It is the colour of teaching, learning and experience and encourages introspection and calm. Blue opens us to higher thoughts, intuition and meditation.

Indigo is the colour of intuition and contemplation. This colour is associated with dreams and the collective unconscious. It connects us to infinity and our place in the universe. Indigo encourages us to think beyond our own existence and to embrace the wider issues of society. It offers us a gateway to heightened psychic awareness and spiritual perception.

Silver is the colour of protection. It is connected with cleansing, reflection and goddess / moon energy.

Violet is the colour of wisdom and spirituality. This colour instills in us a will to be of service to others for it combines a deep sensitivity and understanding of suffering with a great generosity of spirit. Violet is the colour of the free thinker who has the courage to embark on a journey into the unknown, trusting their intuition and instinct to lead the way. It embodies the knowledge that it is through hardship and loss that life’s greatest blessings and truths lie – if we desire to seek them out. In violet we find the highest expression of spirituality.

Magenta is the colour of Divine love; it connects our earthly bodies to our Spiritual Source. Here we find our spiritual purpose for living. This colour is associated with the healer and offers us the possibility of manifesting Heaven on Earth and bringing into being our highest potential in everyday reality.

Pink is the colour of self-acceptance and unconditional love. It is a nurturing, feminine colour that teaches us that love of the self is a prerequisite for a healthy, loving relationship with another. It embodies feminine intuition and caring. Pink is the colour for manifesting all that your heart desires – abundance, love and joy.

White is the colour of light and as such embodies all the colours of the rainbow. It symbolizes enlightenment, clarity, purity and truth. Since it contains all the colours, white is a perfect choice for when we are indecisive and unsure of ourselves. It will shine a light into any dark corners and guide us on our true path.