Practitioner Training Courses African Tree Essences

Attune to the Trees & Learn How to Use these Forest Essences for Healing

Melissa Saayman holds Practitioner Training Courses for a minimum of 6, to a maximum of 8 participants. If you would like to arrange and organize such a course at Platbos Forest, please email Melissa directly:

This course will provide you with a solid foundation for working with the African Tree Essences and the Ancient Forest Tree Mists from Platbos Forest. In addition, you will experience the deep and profound healing of the forest in a safe and protected environment.

You will:

  • develop skills for selecting and using the African Tree Essences for yourself and others
  • gain a thorough understanding of each of the thirteen tree essences , as well as the new additions: Whale Song Essence, “Platbos Lion” Fynbos Flower Essence and the Ancient Forest Tree Mists
  • meet the “Teacher Trees”: we will visit many of the forest trees from which the African Tree Essences are made
  • discover the unique magic of this forest – from a spiritual, botanical and historical perspective
  • learn how to attune to the forest energies
  • experience the healing powers of the forest: many participants experience personal healing and shifts in consciousness over the course of the stay at Platbos

This short but intensive course is for:

  • Health Care professionals who wish to incorporate the vibratory healing of the African Tree Essences & the Ancient Forest Tree Mists into their practice
  • Those who feel drawn to forests and trees and who would like to deepen their connection to Nature