African Tree Essences Online Product Catalogue

Welcome to our product catalogue. These unique, handcrafted products from Platbos Forest are made with the utmost care and respect to foster and support your healing journey.

The African Tree Essences are remedies made from the flowers and leaves of the ancient trees of Platbos.

The essential oil blends for the thirteen different Ancient Forest Tree Mists are each carefully selected to enhance and amplify the actions of the African Tree Essences.

The Platbos Colour Essences of Light are solarized colour tinctures. They are vibratory in nature; they do not have a visible colour yet hold the therapeutic frequencies of each specific colour ray.

Other Platbos Mists. Baobab Tree Mist, Lion Stargate Mist and Whale Song Wisdom Sea Mist.

Other Platbos Essences. Baobab Flower Essence, Platbos Lion Fynbos Essence and Whale Song Wisdom Essence.

Hand-crafted Platbos Pendulums are made from wind-fallen branches of the Platbos Forest trees.