Imphepho Mist

Exquisitely-Scented, Therapeutic Energy

ImphephoThe Imphepho Mystical Mist is handcrafted by Melissa Saayman of Platbos Forest. By blending the therapeutic infusion of her Imphepho flower essence with oils derived from the wild Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom, she has created a truly unique product that captures the essence of Africa.

May the Imphepho Mist connect you with the ancient wisdom of this sacred Teacher Plant

Imphepho Mystical Mist

Enhancing Purification |Protection |Prayer

Essential oils used in the synergistic blend of this Mystical Mist: Heliochrysum petiolare, Blue Mountain Sage (Salvia chamelaeagnea) and Vetiver.

Platbos Flower Essence: Imphepho

Platbos Vibrational Colour Essences: White and Yellow

Suggested Uses: With intent and prayer, this mist can be used for protecting and purifying your aura, home and work space. Along with the affirmation for the Imphepho Flower Essence and the suggested prayer, it is a powerful yet gentle mist for honouring and clearing the ancestral family tree. Imbued with aromatic oils of this sacred plant, the scent is pure and spicy.

The Milkwood is a supportive essence to the Imphepho Mist and Essence.