Practitioner Training Courses

Practitioner Training Courses African Tree Essences
Attune to the Trees & Learn How to Use these Forest Essences for Healing
Melissa Krige holds Practitioner Training Courses for a minimum of 6, to a maximum of 8 participants. If you would like to arrange and organize such a course at Platbos Forest, please email Melissa directly:

Forest Bathing ~ Shinrin Yoku

Shinrin Yoku ~ Forest Bathing

The Medicine of Trees
Shinrin-yoku translates as “Forest Bathing” – the mindful practice of absorbing the forest atmosphere through the senses: touch, sight, scent, sound and taste. Most people would agree that spending time in a forest imparts a sense of relaxation and well-being. Speaking personally, having lived and worked beneath the Platbos Forest canopy since 2005, I have never felt healthier and more at home in the world. My practical experience of trees and forests verifies their beneficial effects on us. Through attuning to their powerful energy fields, my understanding and experience of the forest has further deepened and expanded to encompass the spiritual dimension of trees.
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