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Guided by knowledge, love and respect for the ways of Nature, and the will for it to be so, I believe that we can restore our beloved Earth back to a state of balance, harmony and abundance.

2018: A Year of Illumination & Courage

2018: A Year of Illumination & Courage

Carrying the high vibration of the Master Number 11, 2018 has certainly been an intense and accelerated year thus far. Master Numbers, also thought of as Teacher Numbers, encourage us to evolve. There is a tension held in the 11 vibration as it speaks of polarity and of the need to hold a space of dynamic equilibrium. For many it has been a time of deep reflection and a year of letting go, and — in spite of our fears —finding the courage and faith to step into the unknown.

Japan – Land of the Rising Sun

Japan ~ Land of the Rising Sun

Earlier this year I was invited by The Voice Project to present a training course on the Platbos African Tree Essences in Tokyo, Japan. For the past twenty years, the Voice Project has hosted spiritually-based teachers and events from around the world. There is a magical story of how this came about, and it begins with Kumi Nakagawa.

Wisdom from the White Pear Tree

Konnichiwa! Hello from the beautiful Platbos Forest

I had the great pleasure of presenting the African Tree Essences Practitioner Training Course to two Flower Essence practitioners from Japan, Kumi Nakagawa and Shinobu Hiwatari. It was wonderful to finally meet Kumi Nakagawa in person as for the past three years, she has been my distributor for the African Tree Essences in Japan.
We spent six magical days immersed in the forest …

Of Totem Trees, Forest Retreats & The Healing Power of Trees

Of Totem Trees, Forest Retreats & The Healing Power of Trees

The months and years are flowing by at a phenomenal pace. Each day I face the challenge of how to juggle work and family demands and still have time to spend in the quiet company of one of the many forest elders of Platbos. So often, the day passes in a blur and I realize by the end of it, that I missed the opportunity to learn, heal and grow from the simple but powerful practice of sitting silently, with an open heart, beneath a tree.