2018: A Year of Illumination & Courage

Carrying the high vibration of the Master Number 11, 2018 has certainly been an intense and accelerated year thus far. Master Numbers, also thought of as Teacher Numbers, encourage us to evolve. There is a tension held in the 11 vibration as it speaks of polarity and of the need to hold a space of dynamic equilibrium. For many it has been a time of deep reflection and a year of letting go, and — in spite of our fears —finding the courage and faith to step into the unknown.

The Fool

The Fool ~ (Tarot Card 0) by Emily Balivet

We are being asked to step up to our Higher Soul Purpose; to embrace, honour and nurture our unique gifts. In some cases, the Universe has had to give us an extra nudge to force us into letting go of the parts of our lives — or aspects of self — that no longer serve us on our onwards and upwards evolutionary journey. The energies are being felt on both the personal and collective level. Many are reviewing, clearing and letting go of relationships and modes of being that are out of alignment with the higher good; old family patterns, belief systems, unresolved trauma, and untenable life circumstances are coming to the fore. They can no longer be ignored. Taking care of ourselves, facing our fears and listening to our intuition has become paramount in traversing these unchartered waters.

The Tree Essences and Mists that can be of support at these times are:

  • Milkwood for grounding and releasing old ancestral patterns
  • Pock / Fine Ironwood for increasing our intuitive powers
  • White Stinkwood for aligning with our Higher Self
  • White Pear for inner child healing
  • Spike Thorn is excellent for integrating the wisdom of the heart chakra and for forming and maintaining boundaries — another central theme of 2018.

We are seeing communities around the world standing up to and challenging the ‘old ways’ that are characterized by exploitation, abuse and disempowerment. It is now all too apparent that ‘business as usual’ can no longer continue for it is destroying the fragile ecosystems of the Earth. We are being asked to review and acknowledge where we are complicit in this abuse of power and to take it upon ourselves to live our day-to-day lives in a way that is non-harmful to one another and to Mother Earth. We are being forced to face our personal and collective shadows. This can be an uncomfortable and challenging time yet this year also holds magical — even miraculous — vibrations that are there to support and guide us along the road less travelled once we embark upon it.

The frequency of the Earth and the solar system are going through incredible ‘upgrades’ and energetically this can sometimes feel overwhelming. There may be associated physical and emotional ‘symptoms’ that accompany these massive shifts. Nervous tension, emotional and physical exhaustion, heightened sensitivity to negativity and toxicity, bright lights and sound etc., are being experienced by many. I am using vibrational essences on a daily basis to assist my body and soul with the major shifts occurring. Flower essences — because they carry such a high vibration yet act so gently on our systems — are a perfect way to assimilate and balance the energy ‘downloads’.

Tree Essences and Mists from the Platbos range that you may find helpful during this process are:

  • Cherry Wood for coping with anxiety and stress
  • Wild Olive for times of exhaustion and overwhelm
  • Wild Peach for accessing the courage to follow your unique pathway forward
  • Hard Pear for forgiveness of self and others
  • Sea Guarrie for accessing inspiration and inner joy

Regular energy healing is of great assistance too, as is tuning into the cosmic energies via meditation and quiet time in nature. Personally, I have found deep healing and balance from the forest trees: regular grounding is very important. If you can visit a tree or forest nearby to where you live this will be most beneficial. The trees also need our assistance, so offering the high vibrations of your love and gratitude are a vital part of the energy exchange, as is asking permission to connect with their healing energy before you begin. I have found that most trees are very receptive to this but it is polite to ask first. Extending your love and gratitude to the world’s forests and trees for the tireless and necessary tasks they perform for the health of the Earth, has great power. Protecting and standing up for them is also critical. Vast swathes of Rain Forests in South America, Africa and Asia are being felled for Palm Oil, Beef Farming, Minerals and Soya production. The Earth cannot afford further losses to her bountiful forests that act as her lungs. Forests are integral to the healthy functioning of the water cycle and they help to mitigate the damaging effects of climate change. Forests too, are the Earth’s greatest reserves of biodiversity. We all carry the responsibility of insuring their survival, not only for our own well-being and that of future generations, but also because trees and forests are the living, breathing temples of the Divine.

The trees are God’s great alphabet:
With them He writes in shining green
Across the world His thoughts serene ~ Leonora Speyer

Baobab Essence – the Tree of Life

image of baobab treeEarlier this year, I introduced my newest Tree Essence — the Baobab — to the African Tree Essences range. With the year being so fast-paced, I have only now found the time to actually sit down and write this long-overdue blog post, and to formally introduce this remarkable tree essence. The African Baobab is particularly beloved to me as I was conceived and born in one of their great homelands: the bushveld of the Limpopo. This is a deeply transformative essence that supports, guides and nurtures the evolution of our individual souls so that we can truly awaken to our ‘I Am Presence’ and unearth and rediscover our innate gifts that we have to share with the Earth and so assist, in a very real way, with the rebirthing of the Planet.

The Baobab is a powerful essence — I think of it as an essence of initiation; it encompasses, supports and guides our own unique Hero’s / Heroine’s Journey. The process of co-creating this essence was certainly a magical journey for me and brought with it many changes and transformations in my life. Baobab essence will be very supportive to those consciously navigating and integrating the intense energies of 2018 and beyond.

Hero and Heroin journey graphic

Black Bark Flower: Kali van der Merwe

The Platbos Forest Medicine Cards

I am currently writing a book on Platbos and the African Tree Essences, which will accompany a set of Tree Medicine Cards — this is a very exciting project that has been long in the making. The forest trees and their delicate flowers have been photographed by Kali van der Merwe — an intuitive creative who is keenly in touch with the cycles and flow of nature. The images had to be taken at night because of the tangled nature of the forest. It has been a project that has unfolded over at least a year, for such images cannot be rushed. I share here a sneak preview of some of the tree portraits — touch wood! — the book and card set will be available before the end of 2018! I will announce, via this Blog, once the cards are available for purchase.

The Platbos

Colour Essences of Light

Matter is Energy… Energy is Light… We are all Light Beings ~ Albert Einstein

Colour Essences image of bottles2018 is certainly an auspicious year for introducing the Platbos Colour Essences, the sister range to the African Tree Essences!
I have been making colour essences for a number of years now — they are included in the Ancient Forest Tree Mists. The decision to make them available as single essences was inspired by Bhuvaneshwari Whitehouse, a gifted Flower Therapist and Counsellor in the UK.

Bhuvaneshwari shared the following about her experience of the Colour Essences:

They are extremely potent tools for our healing and personal advancement…These wonderful essences are especially potent when used in conjunction with the African Tree Essences and I recommend them highly! They are now being used with increasing regularity in most of our custom blends with a special focus on Karmic and soul issues. Due to their potency my inner guidance suggests that they always be used along with either the White Stinkwood or Cherry wood or the White Colour Essence, or all three, if that is your requirement.

The Platbos Colour Essences are a joy to create: I use custom-made colour prisms, sacred geometry and sound vibrations during the creation process. As Bhuvaneshwari shared with me, these essences work particularly well when used together with the African Tree Essences, as well as other flower remedies from other parts of the world. As she explained, they take the healing vibrations up to a whole new octave level. Be guided by your intuition as to which colour essence to use — see which one most attracts and calls to you. Bhuvaneshwari Whitehouse is also available for individual consultations.

The Lion’s Gate

Lion's gate image

Another essence which I recommend for 2018 is the Platbos Lion. Cosmically, we are now on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. In the Southern Hemisphere we will be experiencing the mirror of this much anticipated galactic shift: the Age of Leo.

This Age is heralded to bring about a New Earth: one that will see the shift from the current ‘love of power’ to a new consciousness based on ‘the power of love’. Central to this theme is that humanity will take on a more active, conscious role in co-creating the New Earth. The shift, whilst supported by Universal Forces of Light, hinges on our collective participation in the process. Leonine energy provides us with the courage, faith and strength of the lion to step into our divine life purpose. Illuminated by the brilliance of our spiritual sun, Sirius, we are all, as embodied sons and daughters of the Light, here to bring about the changes we so dearly yearn to see manifested on the Earth.

Every year from 26th July to the 12th of August we enter the Lion’s Gate Portal. During this time the sun is in the constellation of Leo and conjunct to the Heliacal Rising of Sirius in the North. The energies peak on the 8th of August, so this is an auspicious day for working consciously with the Leonine energies.

We each have a unique part to play in the unfoldment of the New Earth. This takes courage, faith and perseverance but we can take heart in knowing that when we shine our light, it is hugely magnified and supported by the Universal forces of Light.

White stinkwood, Kali van der Merwe

With warm greetings from the magical forest,