Platbos Pendulums

The Spiral and Seed of Life Pendulums

Spiral and seed of life PendulumsThese beautiful, hand-crafted pendulums are made from wind-fallen branches of the Platbos Forest trees. Each pendulum is unique and is engraved with either a Spiral or the ‘Seed of Life’ – a sacred geometric form that is known both as the Genesis Pattern as well as the Blue Print of the Universe. It is created from seven circles and represents the seven stages of Creation.

The Spiral Symbol represents evolution, balance, expansion of awareness and is of course an intrinsic form of Nature.
The pendulums have either an agate, moon stone or labradorite bead depending on the type of wood used. The colour of the beads corresponds to the different chakras that the forest trees are associated with. For example, the milkwood pendulum has a red agate bead, the spike thorn a green agate bead and the white stinkwood pendulum has a white moon stone bead.

platbos pendulums



Milkwood Pendulum
White Pear Pendulum
Rock Alder Pendulum
Black Bark Pendulum
Wild Peach Pendulum
Hard Pear Pendulum
Spike Thorn Pendulum
Sea Guarrie Pendulum
African Wild Olive Pendulum
Saffron Wood Pendulum
Fine Ironwood Pendulum
Cherry Wood Pendulum
White Stinkwood Pendulum


Pocket Rainbow Pendulums

The Pocket Rainbow Pendulums

These Platbos pendulums are not engraved but have a chain of different coloured agate beads and a little clasp for handy attachment to a key ring or handbag. The tree’s corresponding chakra colour is indicated by the colour of the first bead on the chain directly above the wooden pendulum. The pocket pendulums are slightly smaller than the Spiral and Seed of Life pendulums.

The wind-fallen branches are carefully collected (with the necessary permits) in Platbos Forest by Melissa Krige and because of this, supply is limited and certain wood types are more scarce than others.