Coral-Pink Colour Essence

Coral pink colour essenceThe Coral-Pink Colour Essence Radiates:

Unconditional love | Ability to accept love | Spontaneity | Innocence | Trust | Self-acceptance | Perfection | Kindness | Compassion | Playfulness | Joy | Vulnerability | Optimism | Inner-child Healing | Celebration | Nurturance | Full Appreciation of Self | Feminine Intuition

Affirmation: I fly on wings of love and joy and am intricately connected to the web of life. My love radiates out, affecting all around me.*

Chakra Tuning Forks Used in Essence Making: Root and Crown Chakra Sound Vibrations.

Sacred Symbol Used in Essence Making: “Grace” by Shelley Adams, Sacred Soul Journey Card Deck

Supportive Tree: The White Pear ~ Tree of Joy

Balanced by Complementary Colour: Turquoise Colour Essence

* Affirmation by Shelley Adams, Sacred Soul Journey.