Platbos forest tree trunks

“Our therapist customers find the African Tree Essences to have qualities beyond anything we have encountered before” Don Dennis, Director, International Flower Essence Repertoire

Sea guarries at Platbos

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“I am so enjoying the Tree Essences which give me much needed support through challenging times.”
Margi McAlpine, Angel Connection

Platbos white stinkwoods
African tree essences tree mists

“I find the Tree Mists to be such wonderful tools in personal transformational work. They keep us firmly grounded while providing a safe space for us to explore and expand our inner work.
Shelley Adams, Artist & Medicine Woman

Platbos Forest
African tree essences

“I was deeply moved by my experience at Platbos. Walking through this enchanted forest, there was no separation between my human and divine self, the trees, the spirit beyond the trees, and the Earth.”
Natalia Baker, Metaphysical Teacher

white stinkwood flowers at Platbos
platbos forest canopy

"When I first held the African Tree Essences, I knew that I must introduce them to Japan:
Mother Earth required this of me."
Kumi Nakagawa, Flower Essence Practitioner & Distributor of the African Tree Essences, Japan


A 101visions funded film supporting the work of Melissa Krige on African Tree Essences - used for healing, restoring balance in peoples energetic and physical bodies.
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African Tree Essences 20ml

Forest Healing at Your Finger Tips
The African Tree Essences are remedies made from the flowers and leaves of the ancient trees of Platbos ~ Africa’s southernmost forest. Known as vibrational remedies, the tree essences work on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Read more …

Baobab Flower Essence and Tree Mist

Recently introduced:
The Baobab Flower Essence - created in the wilderness surrounding the small village of Klein Tshipise, Limpopo and the Baobab Tree Mist which includes oils from the Fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Melissa Krige has created a unique product that captures the healing energy of Africa. Read more …

Ancient Forest Tree Mists 30ml

Therapeutic, Exquisitely-Scented Forest Energy
Combining the African Tree Essences with pure Fynbos and tree-derived essential oils, the Tree Mists hold an entirely unique and uplifting energy – just like the trees of Platbos Forest itself. Read more …

Melissa Saayman Krige

Melissa Krige is the producer of the African Tree Essences. It is her great love and privilege to share the healing of the forest via these unique tree essences. She lives with her family at Platbos Forest and together with her husband, Francois Krige.
The African Tree Essences are made from the flowers of the thirteen major tree species of Platbos, a magical forest at the foot of Africa. Read more …